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To foster a sense of belonging and ensure that no student falls through the cracks, our school is organized into teams that address student needs that affect the learning and well being of the student. Each grade level data team, under the direction of the School Data Team, is responsible for monitoring the academic, social, and emotional progress of approximately 100 heterogeneously grouped students. Both enrichment and support opportunities are designed to ensure that students are challenged and will meet with success.

Our school norms, the Full Value Contract, are the basis for our positive behavior approach to discipline. These norms are fully explored through our Advisor Base program, and are also addressed throughout our academic curriculum.

Every student participates in an exploratory arts program (music, art, technology, home arts, health, and physical education). Support services (special education, guidance, psychologists, social worker, and nurse) provide support for the entire school community of teachers and students. They meet with students and parents individually and in small groups.

The Administrative Team provides the leadership, funding, and encouragement for teachers to take risks and explore new concepts in education.

For specific information on curriculum standards and program delivery models please visit the Greenwich Public Schools Academics web page.