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About CMS


The mission of Central Middle School is to develop high performing students in a safe and nurturing environment. At CMS, ALL learners are empowered for active participation in their community through purposeful, authentic, and personal learning opportunities.   







Each P.I.E.C.E matters!



All learners are capable of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for ethical and responsible citizenship in an evolving global community.

Deeper learning occurs in environments that promote and support academic risk-taking and complex problem solving.

Collaborative and active learning opportunities deepen understanding.

Engaging and empowering CMS families in the education process enhances learning, academic achievement and personal growth. 

Fostering strong, positive relationships are critical to the success of every learner in our community.

A highly effective learner experience involves a blended approach that is purposeful in the selection of both digital and non-digital tools and resources.

The ability to demonstrate mastery of skills and content is personal to each learner and often requires more than one opportunity

Frequent opportunities for purposeful reflection are integral to the growth, development, and self-improvement of each learner


GPS Vision of the Graduate


Pose and pursue substantive question

Critically, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize information

Explore, define, and solve complex problems

Generate innovative, creative ideas and products



Be responsible for their own mental and physical health

Conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner

Recognize and respect other cultural contexts and points of view

Pursue their unique interests, passions, and curiosities

Respond to failures and successes with reflection and resilience



Communicate effectively for a given purpose

Advocate for ideas, causes, and actions

Collaborate with others to produce a unified work and/or heightened understanding

Contribute to the community through dialogue, service, and/or leadership