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Attendance Policy

What if I am late for school?

It is important to be on time for school each day. The only tardies that are excused are doctor/dentist’s visits, funerals, court appearances, and religious holidays. If you arrive after 8:00AM, you must report directly to the office for a pass. Our tardy policy is:

There are no consequences for your first three tardies.

If you are tardy a fourth time, you will have a lunch detention.

If you are tardy a fifth time, an after school detention will be assigned and the administration will schedule a meeting with your parents.

What if I am absent?

You and your parents should review the guidelines from the State of Connecticut for excused and unexcused absences that is in their handbook and is also on the District website. The policy states that:

Your first nine absences are excused. Your parent should call the school in the morning to let us know you will not be here.

After that, only religious holidays, funerals, and court appearances are excused. Illness will only be excused with a doctor’s note.

Be sure to check Schoology for homework assignments.

Click here for the GPS District Attendance Policy: Policy E- 040 – EFFECTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT